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Hope to see you soon!

What is Delta Sigma Pi?
Delta Sigma Pi is the first professional co-ed business fraternity at UC Santa Cruz. As a professional business fraternity, we are open to people focused on a career in business and the tech industry. Our fraternity is committed to career preparation, networking, and creating a lifelong brotherhood.
What are the benefits?
Delta Sigma Pi instills values of a successful businessman in its Brothers. As a part of the Fraternity, Brothers gain valuable networking skills, get a head start in the professional world, and develop a lifelong Brotherhood. Through our extensive national presence, we as Brothers help each other develop social skills and even land internships and full-time jobs.
What is a professional co-ed business fraternity?
Professional fraternities are organizations whose primary purpose is to promote development in a specific academic discipline, distinguishing them from social fraternities or sororities. Our fraternity in particular is focused on developing the skills that will set us up for a successful career in the business world. Co-ed fraternities are open to both men and women.
What sets Delta Sigma Pi apart from other business organizations on campus?
As the oldest professional business fraternity on campus, we have had the time to develop meaningful connections with other organizations on campus. We have built a strong relationship with the Economics department along with the Career Center where we are involved with the career fairs that take place throughout the school year. Since we are open to specifically business and tech related majors, we have been able to create a tight-knit community of like minded individuals which has been essential to providing brothers with both personal and professional development. With our chapter approaching almost one decade on campus, we have over 200 alumni brothers who are actively involved in providing resources for current members and supporting our endeavors
What majors are eligible to join Delta Sigma Pi?
  • Business Management Economics
  • Global Economics
  • Economics
  • Technology Information Management
  • Computer Science
Must be enrolled in or completed one of the following intro courses:​​
  • ECON 1
  • ECON 2
  • ECON 10A
  • CSE 20
  • CSE 50
What is recruitment?
Recruitment is a 1-week period where potential members can get a more in-depth look at what Delta Sigma Pi has to offer and network with the current brothers. There are 4 open-invite events along with 1 invite-only event that are designed to showcase the different aspects of Delta Sigma Pi. We hold recruitment during both the beginning of Fall and Spring quarter. 
What is a bid?
A bid is a formal invitation to join the quarter-long pledging process where individuals integrate themselves into the brotherhood.
If I did not recieve a bid previously can I come out again?
Definitely! We encourage you to show us how you have improved yourself personally and professionally since last coming out for recruitment. We take into consideration that you decided to try again!
Can I pledge if I am part of another fraternity or sorority?
You can be part of both a professional fraternity as well as a social fraternity or sorority. However, you will not be eligible to pledge if you are part of another professional fraternity.
What if I have further questions that weren't covered here?
You can reach out to our Senior Vice President, Shreya Kundur, at, or reach out to us on our Instagram @ucscdsp.
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