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Elton Rego

YEAR: Senior
MAJOR: Business Management Economics; Computer Science; Minor in Statistics.
Employment History: Founder and President at Infinite Design Co., Congressional and Parliamentary Debate Instructor at MV Speech Institute, Freelance Software Designer and Engineer, Cyber Security Intern at P&GE, Software Engineering Intern at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Web Development Engineer and Designer at UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute, Automation Engineering Intern at Veeva Systems, Teacher's Assistant at UC Santa Cruz Economics 161a, Associate Engineer at Veeva Systems
HOMETOWN: Granite Bay, California
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Elton loves learning new stuff and he can never consistently hold a hobby be cause there's always something new he wants to learn and experience. One thing that has stayed consistent; however, is his love for building things, so he has pretty much enjoyed Legos since he was a child and even now as an adult. ELton believes Delta Sigma Pi is an amazing organization filled with truly great people. Everyone has the sense of forward thinking and drive that you would want in your colleagues and it truly is a great place to build your career.

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