Although they are not mandatory, attending all recruitments events are highly encouraged. However, to be considered you must attend at least 2 of 4 Recruitment Events. Prospects who attend more events have a better chance for leaving a lasting impression and more opportunities to further understand Delta Sigma Pi.


Are all recruitment events mandatory?



What if I am Part of another Organization?




We encourage our brothers to be involved in extracurricular activities and campus life. In fact, many of our members are part of honor societies, clubs, and other social greek organizations. However, you cannot qualify for a bid if you are affiliated with another organization under the Professional Fraternity Council.


I am an uppercLassmAn, can I still come to recruitment?


All classes are welcome to join Delta Sigma Pi during Recruitment week, so long as they meet the requisite qualifications.

We highly encourage prospects to reapply despite not receiving a bid. Many active brothers have crossed into our Chapter after multiple applications.

can i come out more than once if i don't receive a bid?